Silver Ancestral Home in Kona, NC

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Silver Ancestral Home in Kona, NC

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Silver Obituaries

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Source: Silver Obituaries

SILVER GENEALOGY – Index of Surnames

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Silver GEDCOM Database

Source: SILVER GENEALOGY – Index of Surnames

Descendants of Israel Friddle (1752-1807) and Agnes Stywinter [Link]

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Descendants of Israel Friddle

Generation No. 1


Celtic and Germanic Ancestors – Surnames Involved

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Yes, indeed I do have quite a number of German and Celtic ancestors!


They lived on the European continent, as well as in the islands which later became the nation of Wales, Scotland, Ireland, and England.

Recent articles (from the past several years) reflected, and show that the CELTS of (present day UK), were directly related the the CELTS on the mainland of Europe (DNA connections prove this).

That said — also use the title of this blog to give you a bit more focus, the families mentioned here we be from the European CELTS — directly (in a few cases, indirectly). It’s hard to ignore a family who emigrated  from locations in the Rhyne valley (Rheinland); with their descendants finally becoming intertwined (genetically) with families of the (UK) Royalty, and thus much of the royal persons around the Anglo-Saxon world, during the middle ages.

So, here is my first attempt to feature my group of Germanic ancestors — all branches of my (genetic/ancestral) will be represent…in (4) separate groups. BUT may have point where two families have “By-marriage” connections from maternal-to-paternal family lines. These will be noted as I write…

Links WILL be added at a future time to sites which reflect my ongoing research on these names.

  • Cathy A.

Collateral lines of strong Germanic influence may also be added (and noted as collateral, when written), soon. – CAA

===== ===== ===== ===== =====

MOTHER’s Father’s Germanic ties:

===== ===== ===== ===== =====

  1. Justice [Jestis – Justiss – Justis – Gustafsson ?]
  2. Meadows
  3. Andriesszen [Anderson]
  4. Pickard [Piccardy – Pickett – Piccard]
  5. Johannson [Johnson]
  6. OpDyck [Updyke]
  7. Braun [Browne – Brown]
  8. Hahn [Hawn – Hayne – Hines – Haynes – Haney] [possibly from Jewish ancestry]
  9. Meder [Meadows]
  10. Quearns [Kearns – Kerns – Carnes ?]
  11. Rives [Reeves]
  12. Bruce [Brus – De Brus] (royal line) [possibly from Jeweish ancestry]
  13. Douglas [Douglass] (royal line)
  14. Friess
  15. Beron
  16. Aquitaine (royal line)
  17. Gerscheimer]
  18. Landress [Landers]
  19. Reutenauer
  20. Meroving (royal line)
  21. Carolingian (royal line)

===== ===== ===== ===== =====
MOTHER’s Mother’s Germanic ties:
===== ===== ===== ===== =====

  1. Spruiell [Spruell -Sprewell – Spruill – Sproull – Sproule] [possibly from Jewish ancestry]
  2. Speer [Speir = Spear – Speers Spears – Sperery/Spires?] [possibly from Jewish ancestry]
  3. Ball [Boll – Boell – Bell] [possibly from Jewish ancestry]
  4. Clinkscales [possibly of Jewish ancestry]
    This surname is first found in ancient parrish records of northern Scotland, but based on the name itself, probably was family who came to the northern part of the island about the time of William the Conqueror (around 1066).
  5. Swan [Swain]
  6. Schwepennhauser (royal cousins)
  7. Bode
  8. Lucius [Lucas] [possibly of Jewish ancestry]
  9. Jung [Yount, Young] [possibly of Jewish ancestry]
  10. Pictics
  11. Mens
  12. Brown [Braun]
  13. Apfoll
  14. Troutlinger (royal cousins)
  15. Westemann (royal cousins)
  16. Schmidt (smith)
  17. Plantagenet (royal line)
  18. Brusisson (of Normandy, later of Scotland) – evolved in Broase (possibly Bruce ?, as well)
    [possibly of Jewish ancestry]
  19. De Bohun (later evolved to USA’s Boone family name) [possibly of Jewish ancestry]
  20. Carolingian (line)

===== ===== ===== ===== =====
FATHER’s Father’s Germanic ties:
===== ===== ===== ===== =====

  1. Nantz (Nance)
  2. Gookin (Gooking – Gooch)
  3. Weidner
  4. Herrlinger
  5. Haas
  6. Beck
  7. Visanant (Whisenhunt)
  8. Neff
  9. Bohelier [Bulter]
  10. Troendle
  11. Jarrett [Garrett]
  12. Luken
  13. Braun [Brown – Browne]
  14. Cox [Wilcoxen – Coxe – Cook – Cooke – Coke)  [Koch – Kash – Cash] [possibly of Jewish ancestry]
  15. Bost [Best – Bess] [Bostic]
  16. Ellroth [Elrod]
  17. Lerchenzeller
  18. Zimmerman [Carpenter] [possibly of Jewish ancestry] — (1 or more) COLATERAL family connection(s), in North Carolina.

===== ===== ===== ===== =====
FATHER’s Mother’s Germanic ties:
===== ===== ===== ===== =====

  1. Silvers [ Silber – Silbers – Silvers] [definate Jewish ancestry — NOTES/LINKS to be added here]
  2. Braun [Browne – Brown] [possibly of Jewish ancestry]
  3. Bohelier [Butler]
  4. Stout
  5. Bullaigne [Bullen – Bolin- Bolen ?]
  6. Griggs [Greg]
  7. Keller
  8. Schmieden [later Smith ?]
  9. Reutter
  10. Falcksteiner
  11. Lorcher [Lorch]
  12. Gall
  13. Mautz
  14. Neuffer
  15. Schwartz
  16. Kuykendall [Kendall]
  17. Waters [possibly of Jewish ancestry]
  18. Linus
  19. Van Bibber [Beeber – Beaver ?]
  20. Ruley?

More will be added as I find more connections, while continuing my genealogy research.

Questions, tips or queries are encouraged…courtesy is appreciated.
Rude notes/angry tyrades will be deleted and ignored.

Have any doubt about data presented here; verify them with your own (independent) research, before “trashing” what other researchers have compiled over many years.
Cathy Ann Abernathy

Hot Day

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7 July 2010
One very hot day.
Dave and I delivered groceries to Mom; then headed back home.
Stopped at a few thrift/antique stores along the way.
Since getting in the AC, and starting to cool off, have been reading messages, and adding/correcting more items on my websites (somewhat set in havoc by my previous computer dying); as well as blogs, and misc. stuff.
Need to get things sorted out with this new laptop, get it behaving the way I want it; so I will be able to create a backup set of RECOVERY disks — then get Dave to set it for dual-boot (Windows 7 and Linux).
My head is pounding, so I won’t do much more for now.
How has your week been?
Would love to hear from my readers.
— Cathy

Death of a computer…a new beginning

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(Take two…)
Attempted this post just but a few minutes ago — stepped away from the keyboard — came back the automatic Windows 7 update had re-started my computer. [growl!]
I lost all the text I had written (now have settings a bit different, to prevent this problem from occurring again) — I hate having to re-write things when software/OS updates cause me to lose them.
Now, where was I?
Ahhh, heck — I think I’ll do something else and come back to this post. There are things needing to be added, set-up; and yet to be test-driven on this computer.
I promise to return – soon.
“And to continue…”
— Cathy

Genealogy Mailing Lists and Groups – Very Useful!

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Gwendolen Mary Speir (1870-1934)

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RootsWeb’s WorldConnect Project: My relatives all over the world

# ID: I25885
# Name: Gwendolen Mary SPEIR
# Given Name: Gwendolen Mary
# Surname: Speir
# Sex: F
# Birth: 29 Aug 1870
# Death: 2 Dec 1934
# _UID: D37DBAD98C154FF2AD4876FF1D35E159BB10

HintsAncestry Hints for Gwendolen Mary SPEIR

3 possible matches found on

Father: Robert Thomas Napier SPEIR
Mother: Emily GIFFORD b: 1847

Marriage 1 Charles Thomas BRUCE b: 21 Feb 1865

* Married: 7 Jul 1914 Verheiratet
* Change Date: 31 Aug 2009

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